Skin Brightener Dangers

Most natural ingredients like cold pressed oils, herbs and other botanical ingredients are not white or clear in color. So how do these non white ingredients end up as white and silky lotions and creams? Answer: Bleach/chemical processing. Remember, white skin care isn’t truly natural.

We know that white flour is bleached and not a healthy choice for food. Yet we don’t apply this fact when it comes to our use of skin care products.

A truly natural skin care product will always have a natural tint (depending on the ingredients used) and earthy fragrance.  A white or clear product claiming to be natural, may be naturally derived but chemically processed to bleach and deodorize, altering its inherent balance. It may be further adulterated with perfumes and fillers.

Wouldn’t it be great for consumers if FDA required a total transparency and a real distinction  on the label – distinguishing them as “Truly Natural” and “Naturally derived but chemically processed” products!

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