White, does not mean pure and safe.

Have you ever wondered why almost all skin care products, including those claiming to be natural, are white in color? Or some smooth, silky texture?

Most natural ingredients, like essential oils (cold pressed from plants) and botanical extracts are not naturally white…obviously. We have discussed many of the ingredients we use in our products, and rarely they are white, or clear, in color. So it begs the question, how are all these non-white inputs combined to create a pure white and silky lotion?

The answer: the addition of bleaching agents and synthetic chemicals.

We already know that white bleached flour is chemically processed, stripped off its nutrients and is not good for your health. Same is true for skin care products.

We at SKIN all natural are concerned with your utmost safety and the integrity of our natural ingredients. We avoid harmful additives and take pride in the natural hues and earthy fragrances inherent in our unbleached, undiluted, and unpolluted products. So the next time you find yourself staring at a perfectly white cream, that claims to be all natural, ask yourself if the product matches the claim.


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