Vegan body building

So it is possible. All this time, it was assumed that to get large, chiseled muscles, body builders had to consume large amounts of animal proteins. This New York Times article suggests otherwise.

Vegan Body builderSure, vegan body builders make up a tiny portion of the total competitors. But that is a huge change from a decade ago, when it was closer to zero. And these guys are intense, spending 2-4 hours at the gym every day. What does this mean for the rest of us?

Well, if they can get competitively bulky on a vegan diet, the rest of us can certainly maintain a healthy, rigorous lifestyle on one. It’s empowering. We’re not suggesting that you attempt this without having a doctor review your health on a regular basis. But it’s obvious that whatever your personal health goals, a vegan (100% Plant based) diet can help you achieve them.

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