Toxic ingredients in traditional skin care

Does it surprise you that there are many toxic ingredients in your skin care products?

Every day, we topically ingest products as we use skin care products. From facial creams to lotions, many of the ingredients we rub into our skin can really harm you!

You would think that the companies producing skin care products create these lotions with the principle that ingredients shouldn’t be mixed until they are proven to be safe. In fact, the opposite is true. Until a product is proven conclusively harmful, it is impossible for them to be discontinued. And, of course, most cosmetic companies aren’t out there trying to prove the risks posed by these ingredients. That is left up to the FDA, which, until recently, has had limited power.

So there is serious doubt, and lack of available information, about the safety of some of the products that go into many mainstream cosmetics and skin care products. Products that many of us use on a daily basis.

And, despite the fact that we put these products on our skin, many are taken into our body as if we had eaten them. After all, when you smear moisturizer on your face in the morning, it disappears. Where do you think it goes?

So SKIN all natural has decided to do a series of posts on some of the harmful ingredients we have found, repeatedly, in many popular, off-the-shelf, skin care products. Please share with others if you have come across any of these potentially harmful substances in your products.


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