Teen Acne! What’s Worse, The Acne or The Treatment?

Teen Acne TreatmentTeen Acne! What’s Worse, The Acne or The Treatment?

3 out of 4 teens will find themselves experiencing acne during their teen years. Although teen acne seems to be the norm and something to be expected, it can still be an extremely traumatic experience for the teenager living through it. Severe acne has significant impact on the way teen-agers view themselves. Effects can include social withdrawal, low self-esteem and self-confidence, embarrassment and depression.

But worse than the condition of the acne itself, is the so called solutions. Most of the time traditional acne medicines end doing more harm than good — causing more acne by creating dried out, oily, red and flakey irritated skin.

The culprit? Toxic ingredients.

What goes on the skin, if not natural can cause irritation and the skin works to fight that irritation. One of the main ingredients found in acne lotions and creams is benzoyl peroxide.

We have seen the name benzoyl peroxide so many times that we assume it must be safe, effective and maybe even “good” for acne, but the truth is that benzoyl peroxide many times makes things worse – generating free radicals that interfere and slow the healing process. When using benzoyl peroxide, the red and brown marks that are usually part of the acne healing process end up lasting weeks longer then if it wasn’t used at all. It dries and irritates the skin causing more acne and problems, but worse than all those negatives is that benzoyl peroxide has also been linked to cancer!

The solution? Give the skin what it needs to naturally to rid itself of impurities and acne causing bacteria …and add to that all natural healing ingredients that sooth away irritation, redness and scaring.

SKIN All Natural Acne and Blemish Treatment that is a 100% All Natural, Highly Effective Acne Solution with the Following Ingredients:

  • Aloe Vera Juice -Instead of water we use aloe Vera Juice to provide soothing anti-inflammatory and scar reducing properties.
  • Tea Tree Oil – An antiseptic and germicide and regulates sebum
  • Willow Bark Extract Works as astringent, mild cleanser and toner
  • Aspen Bark Extract – Antimicrobial
  • Green Tea Extract -Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory
  • Olive Oil – A natural sun screen, very emollient and good for sensitive skin
  • Borage Oil – Increases protective function of skin cells
  • Eucalyptus Oil -Cooling and soothing antiseptic
  • Witch Hazel -A natural astringent, sooths irritations
  • Plant Derived Glycerin – Boosts moisture levels and helps smooth skin
  • Oatmeal Extract – A natural cleanser and toner, reduces spots
  • Candellila Wax – Skin protecting, gives a delicate soft texture
  • Polysorbate 80 (Palm) – Nonionic surfactant and emulsifier that also hydrates the skin.
  • Grape Fruit Seed – A natural preservative and antioxidant

If you have a teen suffering with acne, or you have adult acne, our SKIN All Natural Acne and Blemish Treatment works incredibly as a spot treatment to quickly vanish a breakout, or as a long term prevention of acne. It even works on body acne.

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