Summer Foods to Promote Skin Health

Wrinkles, clogged pores, age spots, and rashes caused during summer heat, could be prevented with the inclusion of Vitamin A rich source of foods like mangoes. carrots etc… to  promote skin health. The mineral selenium is very essential for glowing skin. For healthy and glowing skin, the selenium rich foods like brown rice, mushrooms, sunflower seeds, and onions could be added to the diet during summer. The selenium helps to protect from ultra violet radiation and also likely to prevent skin cancer.

summer foodsThe other foods that cool your body and promote skin health during summer are beans and legumes.  They are rich in dietary fiber, reduce cholesterol and also prevents hypertension.  Berries could also be included in the diet during summer, either in the form smoothies and  salads or  in recipes .

Add vegetables like zucchini, pea pods, beet roots in the diet during summer, which are highly nutritious and low in calorie and prevents hypertension and digestive disorders.  Grapes, sweet cherries, black berries, peaches, pine apples  are also low in calorie,  high in antioxidants and considered as best summer food choices.  Inclusion of these foods during summer promotes your skin health and  provides cooling effect.

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