SKIN all natural™ Pushes ‘Natural’ to its Limit Introducing 100% Natural Skin Care

SKIN all natural™ demonstrates that one can make 100% natural skin care products that are not only toxin free and safe, but also are very effective as supported by their clinical data.

Apex, Raliegh, NC  August 26, 2011

Pushing “natural” to its limits, SKIN all natural™ introduced their entire line of 100% natural skin care products at the Cosmoprof North America show in Las Vegas, NV.

As consumer awareness regarding the danger of toxic chemicals in beauty products increases, demand for all natural product keeps growing. Although many companies have joined the band wagon and introduced products with some natural ingredients and tout them as “Natural”, but they also continue to add some toxic chemicals and preservatives as well as fillers and synthetic fragrances in them. Why? Because it is cheap, it is easy and it gives their mass produced products a very long shelf life. “Making 100% natural skin care products does require a significant amount of technical skills” says Sudhir Shah, chief scientist and CEO of SKIN all natural, “but more importantly, it requires a strong commitment to utmost safety and all natural living ingrained in the corporate culture. Every single product we produce is made using only 100% natural botanical ingredients and minerals under my close supervision” continues Mr. Shah.

SKIN all natural at Cosmoprof

SKIN all natural stood out at the Cosmoprof show as the only 100% natural skin care brand being introduced at the show! SKIN all natural demonstrates that one can make toxic chemical free skin care products that are not only safe, but also very effective as supported by their clinical data. These carefully hand made products, packed in beautiful air-less bottles, caught the interest of many specialty retailers and spas as well as several international buyers at the show.

SKIN all natural products are formulated to work at the molecular level, stimulating skin’s inherent healing and beautifying mechanisms. It is made in the USA utilizing GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and clean-room environment for very high quality and safety standards.

SKIN all natural is a cosmeceutical brand of CHOICE all natural, inc. a small, social corporation dedicated to providing high quality, 100% natural plant based alternatives for conscious consumers.

Cosmeceuticals are cosmetic products with biologically active ingredients that provide added medical benefits beyond a simple cosmetic or moisturizer.


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