Beware of This Toxic Ingredient in Your Skin Lightener Product

Skin Brightener DangersBeware of This Toxic Ingredient in Your Skin Lightener Product

As Americans, we have become comfortable believing that if a product is on the market, it’s been tested and is safe, yet that can be further from the truth.

Skin Lighteners are a good example. Popular among woman who desire to even their skin tone, reduce the look of age spots and lighten their complexion flock out to buy skin lightener products that promise better, lighter skin. Yet what they fail to realizes is the one of the main ingredients in these products is hydroquinone.

Banned in Japan, the EU, and Australia, Hydroquinone is a known toxic product – Yet in the US, it’s still available over the counter, and it’s on the FDA’s list of “generally regarded as safe and effective” (GRASE) ingredients. Strange, considering that the FDA acknowledges that hydroquinone is a potential carcinogen and can cause ochronosis (A rare disorder from long overuse of hydroquinone).

At SKIN All Natural, we made it our goal to formulate an all natural skin brightener gel that would not only produce all the wonderful visual changes in the appearance of the skin, but would also nourish, replenish and help turn around the premature aging cycle,  leaving the skin healthy and glowing. We succeeded with our mission!

In our SKIN All Natural Brightener Gel you’ll never find anything other than 100% All Natural Ingredients Only!

  • Aloe Vera Gel – Primary ingredient instead of water to provide soothing anti-inflammatory and scar reducing properties
  • Rape Seed Oil – Reduces melanin production, reduces age spots
  • Green Pea Extract -Fermented proteins from peas in synergy with other ingredients, reduces skin pigmentation
  • Licorice Extract – Anti-inflammatory, regenerating, soothing and brightening
  • Wheat Extract- Inhibits melanogenesis for age spot prevention
  • Turmeric Extract -Improves healing and skin complexion
  • Plant Glycerin- Boosts moisture levels and helps smooth skin
  • Lactic Acid – Gently and naturally brightens skin in the presence of vitamin C
  • Comfrey Extract – Cell proliferate that heals and regenerates aging tissues
  • Vitamin C – Helps collagen production, and fading of hyper pigmentation
  • Vitamin E – Protects your skin from ultraviolet light, prevent cell damage from free radicals
  • Grapefruit Seed – A natural preservative and antioxidant
  • Rose Water– A gentle astringent and toner for normal and dry skin
  • Lime Oil -Disinfectant, purifying and astringent

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