A Return to Natural Synergies – Simple, yet paradigm shifting approach

Most medicinal compounds originate in nature. However, the pervading philosophy of modern science is to identify this natural compound, isolate it, and synthetically reproduce it. While this is an excellent strategy for mass production, and to maximize profitability, we think it is inherently flawed.

When you tear apart a naturally occurring compound, you are necessarily stripping it of its inherent balance and natural synergy. Isolated, it may give you a certain desired benefit, but the price is many, sometimes hidden, undesirable long-term effects. In addition, synthetically producing these chemicals alters its bio-availability.

At SKIN all natural, we use full spectrum (non-isolated) bio-active botanical ingredients. We believe that thousands of years of evolution has created a natural balance between the various compounds in plants. Using the entire molecule, then, mitigates the side effects of a single, active chemical. In fact, we even study the synergistic effects of multiple ingredients and combine those which enhance a compound’s bio-availability, and benefits, without the unnecessary side effects.


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