Peptides in SKIN All Natural Products

Why put Peptides in SKIN all natural products? Peptides are short linear chains of two to about fifty amino acids. They occur naturally in all living beings and usually exert highly specific biological activity, based and dependent on their exact sequence. The primary function of most peptides is a signaling one: to bring a biochemical ‘message’ and trigger an action.







Peptides possess, if correctly chosen and formulated, very high biological potency. That means, cosmetic effects can be obtained with very low quantities. This fact of low use levels is coupled with no undesirable side effects, if and when care is taken to choose peptides that do already occur naturally. Additionally peptides, if entering the blood stream are quickly metabolized.

Peptides are “messenger” molecules of highly specific activity: they can activate certain genes, stimulate macromolecular synthesis, inhibit or stimulate metabolic processes, trigger protective cellular actions… From this derives a huge choice of potentially different cosmetic applications, from wrinkle treatment to fighting cellulite or stimulating stem cells, from lip care to puffy eyes and dark circles…

Being committed to formulating products that stimulates skin’s inherent healing and beautifying mechanisms, SKIN all natural scientists, effectively utilize naturally occurring phyto(plant based) peptides in many of their formulations. Ex. Wrinkle Repair Serum, Age Defying Facial Cream, Scar & Stretch Mark Cream and now in their new fat metabolizing Slimming Creams currently under clinical trials.


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