A Paradigm Shift in Natural Skin Care… SKIN all natural™ Dares To Be Different

Have you ever wondered why almost all skin care products, including those claiming to be natural, are white in color and has smooth, silky texture?

bleached white lotion

Most natural ingredients, like essential oils (cold pressed from plants), herbs and botanical extracts are not naturally white… or clear in color. So it begs the question, how are all these non-white inputs combined to create a pure white and silky lotions and creams?

The answer: These pure white so-called natural skin care products, or the ingredients used in them are highly processed with the use of chemicals and bleaching agents. We already know that white bleached flour is chemically processed, stripped off its nutrients and should be avoided. Isn’t the same valid for skin care products? Especially when we know that over 60% of what we put on our skin gets absorbed and ends up in our blood stream!

Additionally, their ingredients, although derived from plant, are isolated from its natural source in a laboratory and synthetically mass produced. When you tear apart a naturally occurring compound, you are necessarily stripping it of its inherent balance and natural synergy. Isolated, it may give you a certain desired benefit, but the price is many, sometimes hidden, undesirable effects in the long run. In addition, synthetically producing these chemicals alters its bio-availability.

So the next time you find yourself staring at a perfectly white and silky cream, that claims to be all natural, ask yourself if the product matches the claim.

Concerned with the utmost safety of their consumers and the integrity of their active ingredients, SKIN all natural™ formulators utilize full spectrum (whole) botanical ingredients. Their formulations are pH balanced and optimized for maximum bio-availability and efficacy. In avoiding all harmful additives, they take pride in the natural hues and earthy fragrances inherent in their unbleached, unprocessed, and unadulterated products.

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