Natural Acne Treatment

SKIN All Natural’s acne treatment cream has been specifically formulated to quickly clear up acne breakouts – within 2 to 7 days for most people! It works to eliminate red spots and blemishes that arise as a result of body acne, adult acne, as well as hormonal acne.

What is unique about our brand is that the treatment contains only natural ingredients. These act in two synergistic ways to achieve and maintain acne-free skin (and a beautiful, clear complexion). With natural acne-fighting agents such as tea tree oil and white willow bark extract, the treatment works first to fight any breakouts. Next, supplementary vitamins and herbal nutrients help nourish your skin to keep it healthy and prevent future breakouts.

Unlike benzoyl peroxide, our natural acne treatment has no unwanted side effects and will not dry out your skin. Also, it will not irritate sensitive skin and can even be used under make-up.


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