No more germs and oxidization

Tired of having to wash your hands every time you dip them in a jar, and still find it impossible not to contaminate your expensive creams? SKIN all natural is one of the first companies to adopt specially designed, German engineered, and 100% recyclable, airless bottles to dispense our entire line of skin care products.

Gone is the flexible tube: the end of which regularly clogs up, flattens itself, or takes in contaminated product and air each time it is used. Gone is the plastic or glass jar: in which fingers are dipped during several weeks of use, introducing germs with every use. Farewell to the plain old pumps: that gradually fill the bottle with contaminated air while they supply an increasingly oxidized product.

Our new, airless, pumps solve all these problems, and more. With their high quality, US-based, manufacturing in clean room environment, these bottles extend the shelf life of your product without resorting to harmful chemical preservatives. It’s a win-win.

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