Cosmetics you eat

We’re back after a holiday break, and hope you had a great new year’s eve. Lot’s of rest, vegetables, and sunlight left our faces flushed, and our skin smooth. It really is amazing what 8 glasses of water a day can do for your health! And while its great talking about the amazing ingredients that go into our products, let’s broaden our scope to all things natural and healthy.

This article was posted in the New York Times a few days ago.

There are some interesting ideas here. Is it possible to eat beauty? Not in the sense that healthy food leads to a healthier body, and happier living. We already know that. But this article claims there are compounds and extracts that, when taken, can do pretty remarkable things: from directly effect your skin’s health, to emitting scents directly from your skin, even to helping you achieve a better tan.

It may be premature to suggest that these are truly beneficial, and not just a new gimmick. But it will be interesting to track the progress of these products and see how they develop over the next few years. We would be interested to know if you have tried any of the products enumerated in this article, and to know what was your experience. For those of you who have, or haven’t, any thoughts on the subject?

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